Yellow Belly Martini

23 June 2023
This week we celebrate the Tour de France, racing over 3,400km

Reputed to be "the world's greatest bicycle race", it had its humble beginnings in 1903 as a clever newspaper marketing strategy. The Editor and the Sport Reporter of L'Auto, a sports publication, promoted the inaugural annual race to increase newspaper sales, with the tour consisting of six stages covering 2,428km.

To conquer this arduous Tour, cyclists had to tend to their own repairs along the way while cycling at night to meet the demanding average of 405km per stage. The race proved to be a resounding success, quadrupling L'Auto's newspaper sales.

However, the future of the Tour de France was uncertain after the following year's race which was marred by cheating riders hitching train rides during the Tour and sabotaging their competitors' bikes.

In response, stringent rules governing cyclist behavior were implemented the following year. Since then, the Tour has been raced annually (except during the World Wars). It captivating audiences worldwide with its intense competition and inspiring performances.

In 1919, the iconic yellow jersey was introduced for two reasons.

Firstly, it allowed spectators to easily identify the race leader amidst the peloton.

Secondly, the choice of yellow was due to the fact that L'Auto was printed on yellow paper—an ingenious marketing move.

It is worth noting that this year's Tour features 12 Australian riders. We wish them all the best in their pursuit of glory on the road.

Today's featured cocktail is the Yellow Jersey Martini — a spirited concoction that complements the thrilling journey of the Tour's cyclists.

This cocktail was first created in London during 1990s.

Let's raise a glass to The Tour while we sit back and enjoy the ride!

Yellow Belly Martini
30 mL Citrus Vodka
30 mL Limoncello
30 mL Lemon Juice
5 mL Double sugar syrup

Fill cocktail shaker with ice
Add all ingredients
Shake for 20-30 seconds
Fine strain into lemon-rimmed Coupe Glass
GARNISH: dehydrated lemon


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