Espresso Martini (0%Alcohol)

This week's cocktail is for the Chauffeurs out there, and is my way of ensuring you don't miss out!

No Alcohol Espresso Martini (a.k.a. Chauffeur's Choice)
Superbly created so you cannot detect the lack of alcohol in this delicious Frocktail*

(*A cocktail you drink when you are out somewhere special, usually wearing your favourite Frock)

My link between history and today's cocktail is it feels like ages that I have been working to perfect this recipe for a non-alcoholic Espresso Martini – and I reckon I've cracked the code! This is my Frocktail...

... and the 3 beans traditionally refer to:
health = vigor
wealth = prosperity
happiness = joy


Espresso Martini. 0%Alcohol
45 mL Lyres Coffee Liquor
10 mL Vanilla Bean Palermo
20 mL sugar syrup
10 mL Aquafaba
Double shot expresso coffee

Make coffee into a chilled glass with 1 x ice cube
In Boston shaker, add ingredients then shake for 30 secs.
Strain then dry-shake
Pour into chilled Gold-rim martini glass
GARNISH 3 coffee beans

Await separation before serving


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