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Shamrock Serenade

Welcome to this week's Cocktail O'Clock. Today we head back 143 years to 1881 when local Myrniong resident Peter McCluskey took his betrothed Anne Farrell to St Patrick's Cathedral in Ballarat where he had a date with Father Meade who married the couple. Caught up with the romance, Peter neglected his current wife whom he had declared to have passed away, however, she was fit enough to attend the court hearing where Peter was charged with Bigamy! Peter submitted his best defence of being caught up in a drunken spree, however, the judge took little notice and sentenced him to two years imprisonment, where he served his time at Williamstown gaol. So today's cocktail gives me an excuse to celebrate one of the innocent parties in this tale: St Patrick! SHAMROCK SERENADE 45 mL  Jameson Irish whiskey 30 mL  Midori 15 mL  fresh lemon juice 15 mL  simple syrup Splash of soda water Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Add Jameson, Midori, fresh lemon juice, and simple syru

Empower-mint Cocktail

Welcome to this week's Cocktail O'Clock. Today we recognise International Women's Day and raise a glass to all of the inspiring women who have passed through the doors of The Plough. Mary Ryan in 1866 who was the first female publican. Grace Purcell in 1882 Mary Kerr in 1891 And to Kate Foley who from 1901 became the longest serving publican at The Plough. To all of the other licensees, we salute you. And in particular, I would like to toast all of our female team members, suppliers, and customers over the years who have made The Plough what it is today. The Empower-Mint Cocktail – Cheers to all the incredible women making a difference in the world! Empower-Mint Cocktail 60mL N/A Gordons Gin 30 mL lime juice 15 mL Simple syrup 4-6 Fresh mint leaves Splash of sparkling water Ice cubes In a cocktail shaker, muddle the fresh mint leaves gently to release their aroma. Add gin, lime juice, and simple syrup to the shaker. Fill the shaker with ice cubes and shake vigorously for

Espresso Martini

Welcome to this week's Cocktail O'Clock, where we enjoy a sip of history with a tale to share. Today we head back to November 1882 when, after a week or so of grand display in Mrs Simmon's Post Office store window, the Tea & Coffee Service gift, alongside a massive gold locket and chain, was presented to Mr and Mrs Lauder who were leaving The Plough Hotel after a four-year tenure, however they had spent many years before that in the region. The Lauders had purchased a Hotel in Romsey, and to recognise their contribution to Myrniong, a farewell presentation was led by Captain Grant and echoed by many others present, whose speeches acknowledged the services the couple had contributed, and that their leaving was "our loss and Romsey's gain". Happiness and prosperity were bestowed on the Lauders as they embarked on their upcoming clearing sale amidst fond farewells. And so today, we celebrate National Barista Day and recognise those who satisfy our cravings w