Long Island Iced Tea

This week is Afternoon Tea Week celebrating a tradition from 1840s where dinner wasn't served until as late as 8pm.

Back then, lunch was never a large meal, so to avoid becoming hangry mid-afternoon, a mini-meal was served

Consisting of crustless, finger sandwiches, pastries, cakes and, of course, scones, jam and cream.

This traditional quickly evolved into something more Social around the time of Queen Victoria's reign (mid-late 1800s), becoming a "reception" of two or two hundred for societies best!

Today I will be presenting a Tea Cocktail - the famous Long Island Iced Tea,

First created in the early 1970s for a contest to create a new mixed drink to include Triple Sec (or Cointreau).

We use short shots to reduce the level of alcohol, keeping everyone nice and tidy.

Long Island Iced Tea
15 mL: Cointreau, Tequila, Vodka, Gin, Bacardi
15 mL Sugar Syrup
30 mL Lemon Juice
110mL Pepsi

Shake all (except Pepsi) with ice
Strain into Schooner Glass
Fill 3/4 full with ice
Top up with Pepsi
GARNISH lemon slice & straw


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