Kir Imperial


26 May 2023

Today we celebrate International Day of Chardonnay.

Our wine list carries more than 40 different chardonnay bottles from all over the world. 

Today we are going back to 1841, to Dijon, Burgundy France. 

First commercial manufacturer of Creme de Cassis, a blackcurrent liqueur 

100 years later, elected Mayor of Dijon: Catholic Priest Canon Felix Kir, discovered that the region's stockpile of Red Wines was confiscated by the Germans during World War 2. 

To address this surplus of white wine, Kir created a beverage by adding Creme de Cassis to Chablis (local chardonnay from Burgundy), thus the name KIR. 

A variation you might be familiar with is the contemporary cocktail "KIR ROYAL" which replaces chardonnay wine with champagne or sparkling cuvée, still adding to it the Creme de Cassis. 

My variation for today's Cocktail of the Week will use a raspberry liqueur, from Chardonnay country in French Dijon, topping up with our Sparkling Cuvee, which is made using Australian Chardonnay grapes. 

Kir Imperial

15 mL Framboise Dijon liqueur

90 mL Cuvee

Place Framboise-Dijon in the bottom of a champagne flute

Top with sparkling cuvee


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