Fantale Cocktail

9 June 2023

Today we find ourselves transported back to the year 1911.

During this time, the population of Myrniong stood at 261, which was approximately 40 more residents than it has today. The opening of Pykes Creek took place, marking a significant event in the area.

The Licensing Reductions Board convened for the Bacchus Marsh district and made the decision to decrease the number of hotels from 11 to 6.

While the Plough Hotel managed to survive, the Myrniong Hotel faced a different fate.
The establishment was compelled to close its doors, leading to the owner, Elizabeth Tyson, receiving a compensation of 435 pounds.
The licensee, William Hooton, was also compensated with 40 pounds as a result of the Board considering his annual turnover to be minimal, thus influencing the assessment.

Subsequently, the building was leased to the local Mailman, Ernest Robertson, and his wife Esther.
They transformed it into a confectionery and greengrocers shop, operating it until 1938.
when they relocated to Werribee, continuing their craft of selling confectionery.

Similarly, in the context of the discontinuation of the Myrniong Hotel, we encounter a parallel fate befalling our beloved sweet treats, the FANTALES!

1928, the illustrious Fantale was brought into existence, specifically crafted to cater to the burgeoning era of silent movies. These delectable caramel treats were intended to be sold during screenings, providing a unique experience.
To add an extra touch of charm, each Fantale wrapper featured fascinating trivia about Hollywood.

Today, I present to you a cocktail inspired by the iconic Fantale, a tribute to this chocolate-coated caramel knowing that this drink will not pull your fillings out!

Fantale Martini

45 mL Vanilla Vodka
22.5 mL Butterscotch Schnapps
22.5 mL Creme de Cucao
45 mL Cream

Smear inside Martini Glass with caramel sauce
Fill cocktail shaker with ice
Add all ingredients
Shake for 20-30 seconds
Strain into martini glass
GARNISH: choc. sauce


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