Clover Club (0%Alcohol)

16 June 2023

Today we are celebrating our Zero % Alcohol cocktails, of which we have many to offer: 

"Plenty of buzz without the alcohol – it is a real thing!"

Clover Club cocktail predates prohibition in the U.S., named after a men's club around 1882.

Its popularity waxed and waned, floating in and out of fashion.

It's reputation wasn't done any favours when the 1930s Home Bartender's Guide recommended it for 
"Tuesday Afternoon Sewing Club" and "Crazy-Quilting Parties". (This will certainly ignite this blog's algorithms...)

Clover Club 0% Cocktail
5 Raspberries
45 mL 0% Gin
15mL Lemon Juice
15mL Grenadine
20 mL Aquafaba

Shake all ingredients with ice
Strain out ice, then dry shake
Pour into gold-rimmed
martini glass
GARNISH: Sprig of mint


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