Love-Struck Romeo

Welcome to this week's instalment of Cocktail O'Clock, where we raise a glass to the past and toast to tales worth sharing. 

Today, we journey back to February 1867, when a charming notice graced the classifieds of the local newspaper. It spoke of a heartfelt plea from someone who had lost their dog somewhere between Myrniong and Greendale – a large black and white Newfoundland, who answered to the name of "Romeo" & proudly wore his owner's name on his collar. 

In a gesture of hope, a Ten Shillings Reward was offered to anyone who could reunite them.

And now, for this week's tipple: the Love-Struck Romeo cocktail. A zero-alcohol delight, crafted to make hearts dance and set the mood for the upcoming Valentine's Day, on Wednesday, 14th February.

Cheers to everlasting love and cherished moments shared together.

Love-Struck Romeo

45 mL Lyres Highland Malt

15 mL Lyres Amaretti

15 mL raspberry cordial

30 mL cranberry juice

15 mL fresh lemon juice

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice

Add all ingredients.

Shake until well chilled.

Strain into a chilled coupe glass.

GARNISH: 8 x Rose petals 


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