Grinch Martini

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Today we head back to the 1870s when, at one stage, John Tyson owned both of the hotels in Myrniong – The Plough Inn and the Myrniong Hotel. While he only owned the Plough Inn Hotel for around 12 years, the Myrniong Hotel was in his family for 46 years.

After John's passing in 1887, his wife, Elizabeth, continued to own and operate the Myrniong Hotel, however, The Plough was promptly sold to Mr & Mrs Kerr for £1200.

After Elizabeth died suddenly in September 1904, the licence was transferred to their youngest son, George and the Hotel was sold to Mr Mehrens, a carpenter from Ballan who happened to be married to George's sister, Fanny.

12 months on and the Hotel was again sold, this time to William Hooton, however, there was a glitch. Due to Mr Hooton's previous dismal conduct as a publican in Swanson Street, Melbourne, he received a stern lecture from the Superintendent granting the transfer who warned him about being careful.

6 years later, the Myrniong Hotel was delicensed in 1911 with William receiving £435 compensation as the owner of the building, and a miserable £40 as the licensee, reflecting the poor viability of the business.

Ernest Robertson soon purchased the building and operated it as a confectionery and greengrocer store while also carrying the mail to and from Bacchus Marsh for many years.

So today we celebrate the confectioners with our Cocktail of the week: The Grinch Martini, which comes complete with a candy cane.

Grinch Martini

30 mL  Vodka

30 mL  Midori 

30 mL  pineapple juice

15 mL  lime juice

40 mL Soda Water

Fill cocktail shaker with ice

Add all ingredients except soda water 

Shake for 20-30 seconds until chilled. 

Strain into Marquee Glass 

Add Soda Water

GARNISH: cherry pierced onto skewer with Candy Cane


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