Unexpected Twist

Welcome to Cocktale O'Clock, where we blend a sip of history with a tale to share.

Today we head back to February 1868 when a group of local workers from Mr Shuter's property decided to pay a visit to Myrniong. They were all in good spirits, with the clear intention of enjoying some convivial merriment at Thomas & Mary Ryan's Plough Hotel.

However, the evening took an unexpected turn
when the gardener from the group, in his enthusiasm,
indulged a bit too liberally. This left him in a rather unfortunate predicament, as one of his companions relieved him of an unspecified sum of money.

The situation did not go unnoticed, and the local Constable quickly sprang into action. The suspect was apprehended, and upon searching him, a collection of notes and silver was discovered. Fortunately, two of these notes could be traced back to their rightful owners.

The following day, the suspect was escorted to Ballan, where he awaited a most likely temporary placement in a government position (a.k.a. "gaol").

It's a curious tale of an evening that took a twist of its own, demonstrating the fine line between joviality and unforeseen consequences.

Today's Cocktail of the Week is the "Unexpected Twist" – a nod to our historical tale, where cheerful & lively led to an unexpected turn of events. Enjoy the balance of flavours as you ponder the curious stories of our past.

Cheers to history and its delightful surprises!

Unexpected Twist

60 mL Captain Morgan spiced rum

15 mL Frangelico

15 mL honey syrup

15 mL lemon juice

A dash of bitters

GARNISH: Lemon & sprig of mint 

In a cocktail shaker, add Rum, Frangelico, honey syrup, lemon juice.

Add ice and shake.

Strain into rocks glass, add bitters then stir.

Fill with fresh ice.

GARNISH: dehydrated lemon & sprig of fresh mint


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