Miranda On The Rocks

Welcome to Cocktale O'Clock, where we enjoy a sip of history with a tale to share.

In 1878, William & Eliza Lauder managed The Plough before moving on 4 years later after purchasing the Commercial Hotel in Romsey.

One fine day in October 1887, Mrs. Lauder's hospitality was extended to a large party of friends for a picnic to nearby Hanging Rock. They gathered at Mrs Lauder's residence early in the morning, then paraded their way through the streets. They put on a striking display, with the highlight being a young lady's spirited ride on a dark chestnut horse.

The day at the Rock was truly delightful, with everyone relishing a delicious feast, courtesy of Mrs. Lauder. They finally set off for home once the sun's disappearance signalled nightfall. The journey back was swift and joyful, with Mrs. Lauder being warmly thanked and congratulated by her many friends for the success and enjoyment of the day's outing.

Now, in contrast, Joan Lindsay's jaunt to Hanging Rock would be one invitation to decline. Her tale revolves around the unexplained disappearance of three schoolgirls and their teacher during a Valentine's Day picnic. The film "Picnic At Hanging Rock" (Peter Weir's version, not Mrs Launder's) contains mystery, the unknown, and the eerie beauty of this iconic landscape.

Now, for a twist that bridges the two worlds, we introduce this week's Cocktail: "Miranda on the Rocks," named in honour of the enigmatic character from the film. This drink, just like the film, contains an element of mystery with a bitter twist. And here's the kicker—it's non-alcoholic, so you can savour it without losing your way on a picnic!


So, which version of Hanging Rock do you prefer—Mrs. Lauder's splendid picnics or Joan Lindsay's chilling mysteries? The choice is yours. Cheers to history and the timeless charm of this remarkable place!

Miranda on the Rocks (0% Alcohol)

45 mL Abstinence Blood Orange NA 

45 mL Palermo Bianco NA

45mL Soda Water

8 Ice cubes

Combine ingredients together and stir with ice

Strain into Rocks Glass

Add 6-8 fresh ice cubes

GARNISH: blood orange


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