Lamington Delight

Welcome to Cocktail O'Clock, where we enjoy a sip of history with a story to share.

In this week's tale, we venture into remarkable outcomes born from unexpected mishaps.

Back in 1897, John Foley, the licensee of The Plough Hotel, found himself in legal trouble for permitting drunkenness on his premises, a recurring issue during his residency.

In this particular incident, Foley boldly declared to the attending police officer, "it is my place, and don't you touch him" in reference to the drunk patron.

However, an unexpected twist occurred when Foley followed the police officer to the Bacchus Marsh lock-up, inadvertently leading to him being locked up for "trespassing."

Eventually, the case was dismissed with Foley receiving a stern warning in relation to his responsibilities as a Publican.

Within three years, due to repeated mishaps, Foley relinquished his publican's license to his sister Kate Foley who capably managed The Plough Hotel for the next 45 years.

Around the same era, another mishap unfolded, giving birth to the iconic Lamington.

The story attributes its creation to Armand Galland, the French-born chef of Queensland's Governor, Lord Lamington.

Around 1896, a mishap occurred in his kitchen when a sponge cake accidentally tumbled into a dish of chocolate sauce.

In a stroke of culinary ingenuity, Galland decided not to waste the cake. Instead, he coated it with desiccated coconut, an unfamiliar ingredient to European-trained chefs, however, it was through his Tahitian wife that Galland was able to improvise perfectly in this instance. The result was Australia's beloved Lamington!

Today's Cocktail of the Week: Lamington Delight

Here's cheers to Australia's delicious history!

Lamington Delight

30 mL  Malibu

30 mL  Chocolate Liqueur

60 mL  Cream

1 tablespoon Raspberry Jam

In a shaker, combine Malibu, chocolate liqueur, cream and jam

Add ice to the shaker and shake well 

Rim Martini Glass with chocolate syrup & coconut

Strain into martini glass

GARNISH: fresh berry on skewer


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