Welcome to Cocktail O'Clock, where we enjoy a sip of history with a tale to share. 

Today, we uncover a short tale of the legendary James Elijah Crook, who was not only an early pioneer of the region, but regarded as a "guide, philosopher and friend to many".

He arrived in Tasmania with his parents in 1832 as a 13-year-old. Within a few years, James landed in Victoria and quickly became involved in everything from racehorses to land ownership, buying much sought-after land in this district.

He made one of many historic moves by purchasing the Manor House in 1856, a bluestone building that still stands today.

Now, James was an impressive figure, standing 188cm and weighing in at around 150 kilos.

He had the opportunity to demonstrate his strength on one occasion while travelling to Melbourne by Cobb & Co. coach, which was ‘bailed up’ by two masked bushrangers.

Singlehandedly, James knocked out the two men and handed them over to the police.

Today, I present The Bushranger Cocktail

Let us toast to James Elijah Crook who was referred to as "There being no more an earnest worker for the Church of England here than this gentleman." 

Bushranger Cocktail

45 mL Bacardi Rum

45 mL Pimms

2 dashes Bitters

Stir all ingredients with ice

Strain into ice-filled rocks glass


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