Tarte Tatin Cocktail


2 June 2023

1880s: William Lauder, a farmer at Ingliston in Ballan, with his wife, Elizabeth, and 12 children,
previously ran the Drapery business in a store adjoining The Plough.

They took over The Plough license from Mary Ryan and ran both the hotel and store for about 4 years.

They moved onto the Commercial Hotel in Romsey leaving Grace Purcell to become Licensee for some years.

Meanwhile in France...

1880s saw two sisters, Caroline and Stephanie, operating a family Hotel called "Hotel Tatin" 170km south of Paris. Stephanie worked in kitchen while Caroline ran the Hotel.

One story describes the origins of the Tarte Tartin: due to overcooking apples in butter and sugar for apple pie, she tried to rescue the dish by topping the pan with the pastry base before finishing it in the oven.

Served the pie by turning it over: thus the upside-down tart, and fame for evermore! Our Dessert Special today with the accompanying Tarte Tartin Cocktail

Tarte Tatin Cocktail

45 mL Vanilla Vodka

15mL Frangelico

15mL Butterscotch Schnappes

30mL Cream

15 mL Aquafaba

Shake first 3 ingredients with ice

Strain into coupe glass

Shake Cream and aquafaba with ice, strain, dry shake (without ice)

Pour into glass over back of spoon as a layer

GARNISH: dust with Cinnamon Powder


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