Gone With The Wind

This week, we celebrate the blending of today's arctic blast with the classic film "Gone with the Wind".

About 5 years ago, one of our guests at The Plough shared a most delightful memory with us.

It was 1937, when he and his newlywed wife were heading to Sydney after their wedding. During those times, a polio scare had police diligently monitoring interstate borders (something which I couldn't comprehend when hearing this tale, however I now have an appreciation of what this actually meant). As he explained, they were driving a "Touring Car on a windy day", and back then, you needed a permit, displayed on your windscreen, to travel interstate.

When they reached the border, a policeman inquired, "I see you're from out of state. Where are you folks from?"

Our guest replied ‘from a little place called Myrniong near Bacchus Marsh’.

The policeman replied: ‘Not where Kate Foley’s pub is?’

Surprised, our guest asked how the policeman knew Kate Foley, who was the owner of the Myrniong pub at the time.

The policeman willingly replied that he regularly travels to the Melbourne Cup and heads up to Ballarat. On the way, he would stop off at Foley's Pub.

He was quoted as say, "they have the best beer you can get in Victoria at The Plough."

Around the time of this tale, (1937), our cocktail of the week, formally known as Scarelet O'Hara, was created, coinciding with the release of the film "Gone With The Wind".


Gone with the Wind Cocktail
(The Scarlett O'Hara)

60 mL Southern Comfort
15 mL Lime Juice Cordial
100mL Cranberry Juice

Mix all ingredients with ice
Stir well
Strain into Rocks glass
Top up with fresh ice
GARNISH lime wedge & rose petals


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